9/16" or 14mm Glass Gems, approximately 85-Pieces Per Bag

Glass Marbles and Nuggets/Gems are sold by description rather than pictures. Because the pictures may not accurately portray the product depending on the browser your computer uses. We describe the product in the best manner we can and do not warrant that the color we describe will be as you might describe it. A nugget or marble that is "shiny/iridized/metallic" means that it has a "slight" mirror like coating on the surface that gives a silver or gold type finish. This coating may not show well on the displayed image.

SIZE AND MEASURMENTS All measurements are approximate.


Glass Gems are sold in 12oz netted bags. There are endless ways to use these gems from filling a vase to filling an aquarium.  Made from the best quality glass, these gems are quite resistant to damage.  

Price break and Free Shipping when purchasing a minimum of 6 bags of the same or mixed colors and sizes.

McGills Warehouse has the reputation for low prices on quality products
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N04 14MM Clear metallic glass gems

9/16" Clear metallic glass gems.

From $4.25

N05 14MM Coffee Cathedral Glass Gems

9/16" Coffee Cathedral Glass Gems

From $4.25

N06 14MM Light green cathedral glass gem

9/16" Light green cathedral glass gems.

From $4.25

N07 14MM Green metallic glass gems

9/16" Green metallic glass gems.

From $4.25

N08 14MM Light Purple Cathedral Glass Gems

9/16" Light Purple Cathedral Glass Gems

From $4.25

N12 14MM Light Blue Cathedral Shiny Glass Gems -SOLD OUT!

9/16" Light Blue Cathedral Shiny Glass Gems

N13 14MM Grape Cathedral Shiny Glass Gems

9/16" Grape Cathedral Shiny Glass Gems

From $4.25

N17 14MM Peach Shiny glass gems

9/16" Peach shiny glass gems.

From $4.25

N21 14MM Pea Green Opal shiny glass gems

9/16" Pea green opal shiny glass gems.

From $4.25

N22 14MM Clear glass gems

9/16" Clear glass gems.

From $4.25

N23 14MM Pale white opal glass gems

9/16" Pale white opal glass gems.

From $4.25

N24 14MM Peach glass gems

9/16" Peach glass gems.

From $4.25

N26 9/16-in. Dark Cobalt Blue Shiny Glass Gems -SOLD OUT!

9/16" Dark Cobalt Blue Shiny Glass Gems