Frequent Asked Questions

1: Which methods of payment do you take?
We take Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Paypal and Debit card. Sorry, No checks.

2: When will I receive my order? How can I track it once it has been sent?
We pick, pack and ship most orders the day we receive them. From there it depends on where the package is going. You will be given a tracking # and with this you can quickly and easily determine the estimated time of arrival.
Please visit the shipping company's website at the below links to get package tracking and delivery information. Simply enter your tracking #.

   For U.S. Post office tracking click here® - USPS Tracking®-

   For UPS tracking click here UPS Tracking Services - Track Your Package

3: Can I change or cancel my existing order?
If the order has not yet shipped, we can change or cancel the order, if you catch it in time. Sadly, if the ship has already sailed, we can't swap the cargo can we? At that point we can only wave our handkerchiefs sadly at the ship with a tear in our eye. Order cancellation processing fee is $15 or 15% deducted from your refund, whichever is greater.

4: Where do you ship from?
We ship from North Hollywood, California

5: What are your shipping options.?
United States Postal Service or UPS

6: What is your shipping cost?
The shipping cost depends on the item. Please read the item description for shipping details. If you are unclear please feel free to open a support ticket here.

7: What is your return policy? How many days do I have to return a product?

All returns must be in the original condition and unopened packaging with any accompanying manuals and materials and must be returned within 30 days from the day product is shipped from our warehouse.
An ADVANCE Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) must be obtained from our customer service via email: and is required for ALL returns.
Return shipping charges are the sole responsibility of the customer.
If a product is being returned for reasons that are not the fault of McGills Warehouse then a 15% restocking fee will be deducted from the refund amount.  When an item labeled "Free Shipping" product is returned for a refund, the refund will be issued LESS the initial shipping charge and handling fee, and/or any other charges that might apply For more information on our return policy visit our Shipping page at:  Shipping & Returns

8: How can I return a product(s)?
First contact us to get an RMA number, then Ship the product back to Mcgills Warehouse. The return address will be on your shipping label. Or click here for more return instructions. (Shipping & Returns)

9: How long does it take for a refund to be issued?
Refunds are processed in the order received. 

re: band saw blades


Band saw dismantling machines have a fixed driving axle and a tension axle that moves to tension the blade and or adjust for different lengths. On most machines the tension axle moves back and forth with relation to the driving axle from 4 to 8 inches. Each inch that the tension axle moves results in a difference in length of the band saw of 2 inches.

How to measure band saw lengths available for your band saw dismantling machine: With a known size band saw blade mounted as you would normally operate it, find a fixed non movable point on your dismantling machine near the movable axle which is parallel with the travel of the band saw blade and measure the distance from that point to the axle of the adjustable wheel. Next move the tension axle towards the drive wheel as far as it may travel and still operate and measure the distance. Now subtract the smaller measurement from the larger and multiply the result by 2 and subtract that resulting measurement from the size of the current band saw blade.

Example: If your current blade is 22’ and the length of travel is 2 inches you would subtract 4 inches from 22’ and find you could use anything between 21’ 8” and 22’. (caution—you need a small amount of travel extra to permit easy mounting.)

For length changes the procedure is similar: Take the first measurement made remove the blade from the wheel and move the axle back as far as it can travel and operate and take the additional distance of travel double it and add that to the size of the current blade.

Example: If using a 22’ blade and the additional travel is 4 inches you add 8 inches to 22” and find you could use a blade up to 22’ 8” (note again the need for some variance for mounting) Conclusion – you could use any blade from 21’ 8” to 22’ 8” on your machine.

Frank Your saw blade specialist