Endless Victorian Bevels

Endless Victorian  Bevels


Endless Victorian bevels is designed to be the basic components of many endless design concepts that each of you may individually desire to create.We offer various colors and sizes of glass jewels to create jewel embellished clusters.

With 5 components you may create circles, half circles, 90 degree turns, ovals, intricate curved Jewell embellished clusters or border or corner groupings.

These 5 new groups consist of:

1. (C102 and C103) a flat sided cluster which is composed of 6 pieces creating a cluster 3.5 inches by 12.25 inches. These clusters may be grouped with a left and right to form a corner cluster, border cluster or center cluster.  By using any bevel or piece from any cluster with a 90-degree angle you may join these 2 clusters at their end 2 assemble any length cluster desired. (B44ic makes a nice joining unit) Fitted together Back-to-Back length wise they make a 24.5” by 24.5” large cluster when you add 2 B33ic or any 90-degree angled bevel.  Just use your imagination and creative skills to make fabulous clusters.     4 clusters may be used Back-to-Back joined with any 90-degree angle bevel to form an exceptionally large center cluster. These cluster in borders may be joined together with a border of a desired size whether using B14c, B154c or B24c. By using 1”, 1.5” or 2” bevel stock in different sizes usually you can create a border using foil on smaller pieces to complete your border without having to cut and bevel special pieces.




C102 & C103 used as a corner cluster with borders which can be 1, 1.5 or 2 inch stock for a border joining the cluster with B14C, B154C or B24C.

C102 & C103 used as a border Ouster which can be joined with 1. 1.5 or 2 inch stock in a border or doubled and used as a center cluster adding B33ic or any cluster piece that has a 90 degree angle.






2. (B104) consists of two pieces of 1" stock curved around a 30mm x 20mm oval that looks like a 9 with the bottom cut off.

3. (B105) consists of 1" stock extending across 90 degrees of arc so that 4 pieces will create a 3” diameter circle.






 B105 used in a corner and joined in 1" boarder stock.



4. (B106) consisting of 1” stock extending across a 45-degree arc so that 8 pieces will make a circle. The b-106 will have added onto it a number which will be the radius in inches to designate the size of circle 8 pieces will create. Such as b-1062, etc. The 2 digits following b106 indicates that the radius of the circle which would be created by 8 pieces is 2 inches or a 4-inch diameter circle, thus by doubling the numerals following the c-106 you will have the diameter of the circle created. See below for the sizes offered.




Circle Clusters

All Created with 1" Curved 



C1054 pieces of B105 makes a 3-inch diameter circle
C10628 pieces of B1062 makes a 4-inch diameter circle
C10638 pieces of B1063 makes a 6-inch diameter circle
C10648 pieces of B1064 makes an 8-inch diameter circle
C1065 8 pieces of B1065 makes a 10-inch diameter circle
C1066 8 pieces of B1066 makes a 12-inch diameter circle
C10678 pieces of B1067 makes a 14-inch diameter circle
C10688 pieces of B1068 makes a 16-inch diameter circle
C106108 pieces of B10610 makes a 20-inch diameter circle
C10613  8 pieces of B10613 makes a 26-inch diameter circle
C106168 pieces of B10616 makes a 32-inch diameter circle




B1062 used in a corner and joined in 1" boarder stock.


Example of c104 below as joined with B11 and B105 may be established with 30 x 22 mm faceted jewels, or colored glass, to make a long cluster. 

5.CLUSTERC 104 Consists of two pieceso f1 inchstock, curved arounda 30mmx 20mm oval that looks like a “6” with the top cutoff.





 C104 used in a corner and pined with 1” inch Border stock. A 30mm X 22 mm Faceted jewel may be added in the center of the C104 to give additional embellishments either in clear or fabulous colors.










Ovals Clusters

All Created with 1" Curved 





INV # SizeMade with
C 10804.5 X 6 2 - B105 and 4 - B1064
C 10815.75 X 7.752 - B105 and 4 - B1065
C 10825.63 X 9.252 - B105 and 4 - B1066
C 10836.275 X 10.752 - B105 and 4 - B1067
C 10847 X 114 – B1062 and 4 - B1067
C 10857.5 X 12.62 4 - B1062 and 4 - B1068
C 10868.875 X 13.1254 - B1063 and 4 - B1068
C 108710.25 X 15.754 - B1063 and 4 - B10610
C 108811.5 X 16.5 4 - B10645 and 4 - B10610
C 108913.375 X 20.754 - B1064 and 4 - B10613
C 109014.875 X 21.54 - B1065 and 4 - B10613
C 109116.375 X 25.5 4 - B1065 and 4 - B10616
C 109218 X 264 - B1066 and 4 - B10616