Marbles are Fun

Marbles are fun! They are magical little rolling glass balls of fun. In fact, few things are as much fun as marbles, if you're a kid. That's because they roll and shine and shimmer as they roll and there are MARBLE GAMES.  Oh yes.  Lots of them.  Some kids like to assemble elaborate tracks to roll their marbles down through loopdie loops and triggers and traps and finally colliding with a huge row of dominoes. The sky is the limit when it comes to fun with marbles. The only thing more fun than a marble is a ROLLING marble. Just don't leave them scattered around the floor or someone might step on them and have a terrible accident. In fact, each year there are parents who are seriously injured by marbles (and legos!) so teach your child the joy of CLEANUP after they are done playing with their beloved marble collection.

The Look

Marbles come in a wide variety of sizes, colors and designs. Usually they are about ½ inch but marbles have been seen in sizes up to 12". That's more like a bowling ball than a marble and would be quite heavy. Most marbles are mass produced but some special marbles are hand made, and these are typically the most collectible and remarkable.  Some marbles are quite rare and valuable in fact.


Some people love to collect marbles, others like to assemble tracks to roll them down, and others just like to pile them into a bowl for an attractive display. Here are some uses for marbles but use your imagination, there are an infinite variety of ways to utilize their charm and beauty both at home and at work.

Marbles can be used for a variety of kids indoor and outdoor games such as ball pit playhouse, game replacement marbles, ring taw and dropsies.  You may not have heard of these, but they exist.  It's a thing.

Go HERE to learn about marble games and how to play them.  Hours of fun!  Marble games bring kids back to a time before the internet and cell phones, a time when kids were more active and played together without staring into a computer the whole time.  Lets face it, these are troubling times and sometimes a step back in time can be a healthy choice.  Marble games were once VERY popular with kids, today the average kid knows nothing about such things because they are so busy staring into a computer or a mobile device for countless hours.  Parents should consider  introducting their children to some of the time honored classics such as marble games to prevent them from becoming TOTAL zombies. (It's a concern).

Often used as decoration in flower jugs in offices, reception and waiting rooms.
Marbles can be used in fish terrariums to reflect the colorful light through the water in pleasing ways.
On display in a glass bowl to reflect colorful light around the room.
Used as kid pranks. (as seen in the film HOME ALONE). we do NOT advise this usage as serious injury can occur in real life. It's funny in the movie, but not so much in real life.
Excellent stocking stuffers and gifts for children.
Used in landscaping to add some sparkle and shine to the garden.

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