Polishing Pads and Applications

Polishing pads are an important tool with many applications. This work can require some degree of force for abrasive materials and hard concrete, but in general you want to let the tool do the work and don't push too hard or you will wear out the pad in a hurry. In addition, pressing hard can create pits and craters and destroy a flat surface in a jiffy. In general, patience is a virtue, keep this in mind when you are polishing anything.

Polishing pads are used to add smoothness, beauty, shine, or a brighter look to the material. In a rough world, it's a good thing someone goes out there and smooths things over! Just don't rush the job and it's usually best to let the tool do the work.

Polishing pads are essential tools which can also be used to remove oxidation in the case of some metals like copper. Generally the rougher grit is used first and work proceeds step by step to higher and higher grit. For very rough materials, 50 grit is a good starting point and you can progress from there step by step to higher and higher grits, depending on how smooth you want to get. However, if the material is already pretty smooth, 50 grit would be a terrible choice and destroy your smooth surface. If possible, do a test first on some scrap material that is the same as your project.

Diamond polishing pads are essential tools for the polishing process, and there are two categories of polishing pads: Wet diamond polishing pads and dry diamond polishing pads. Both can be used with a hand grinder or an orbital grinder. Wet pads are typically faster than dry pads, can be used at a higher speed, and are generally more durable than dry pads.

Wet Diamond polishing is usually used for polishing granite, marble, concrete, chrome, stainless steel, copper and other types of metal.

These pads are Velcro backed and are commonly used for granite, marble, terrazzo, spot repair, concrete and all types of stones. These can be used for flat or curved surfaces and are often used when wet polishing is not an option for various reasons.

WARNING: To avoid serious injury, always wear eye, face and body protection when polishing or grinding with power tools. Click here for safety products

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