Applications and advantages of copper foil

Copper is a soft, malleable metal which has been used in a very wide variety of ways throughout history. Copper foil, specifically,  is often used for the construction of stained glass and is a requirement for most stained glass projects. Watch your fingers, the edges are VERY sharp!

Copper foil is a thin piece of copper that is easily shaped in creative ways and is used to hold the glass pieces in place for stained glass projects.

In fact, copper foil is extensively used in stained glass projects where it is joined with the edge pieces of glass to form what we call stained glass, which is actually part copper and not just glass. Just be sure you don't use too much copper foil as it can make the piece heavy, cumbersome and more likely to break when moved.

Applications of copper foil

Copper foil is widely used in professional and DIY stained glass projects, stained glass repair , electronic industries, and is used for it's superior conductivity in some automotive parts.

In addition, copper foil is also used in for easily bending components ,for example, manufacturing pins, gaskets, screens, radiators, conduits, bore meter sprints, transformers , and cable connectors.

Some common applications include:

Bonding pieces of stained glass.
Repairing cracked windows.
Electrical applications such as PCB manufacturing

Storing copper foil

Copper foil will slowly break down if it is not stored properly. Increase the lifespan of your copper foil investment with these helpful tips...

When you're done with it, put it into a sealable plastic bag or sandwich bag, and seal it shut.
Use an empty can of paint. Put the lid on tight and it will extend the life of the copper.
Any sort of airtight container will work, the idea is to reduce the exposure to heat and the elements (including AIR). In addition, be sure to store the container or the bag in a cool, dark and dry place.

WARNING: It bears repeating: Be very careful with the SHARP EDGES of the copper foil, you can get a nasty cut if you're not acutely aware of this danger at all times.

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