TC1080WP 10" 80T Arbor=1" to 5/8" Saw Blade Circular Carbide Industrial Grade for WOOD
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SKU: tc1080wP

Carbide Circular Saw Blade for WOOD
10 inch 80 Tooth 
Arbor Size=1" shimmed to 5/8"
Laser Cut Tungsten Carbide Tipped
Suitable for circular saw, table saw, chopsaw, miter saw & skilsaw

Top Industrial Grade!

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TYPE: Industrial Grade

ARBOR SIZE: 1" Arbor shim to 5/8"

This saw blade is Laser cut plate and Rockwell 46 hardened steel.  
Teeth are large and may be sharpened and made with more exotic
& expensive materials and more precision honed. They are made
of the finest materials available for their designated purpose. 
Typically used with circular saw, table saw, chop saw, miter saw 
and Skilsaw.

The body is precision manufactured for sound dampening that
also reduces vibration and makes a blade run smoother

Saw blades are graded in 4 categories: Economy, Normal, Premium,
& Industrial with industrial being the best made. Normal grade is
generally used in the Pallet industry. it cuts faster with less power (heat).  
Industrial blades cut smoother have the bests quality of materials,
last longer and will take more abuse (heat). The steel is thicker, of
better quality and more precisely made 

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WARNING! To prevent serious injury ALWAYS wear eye, face & body protection.

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