TC206N 12" 60T Arbor=1" to 5/8" Saw Blade Circular Carbide for WOOD with NAILS
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Circular Saw Blade CARBIDE for WOOD with NAILS
12 inch 60 Tooth
Arbor Size=1" shimmed to 5/8"
Tungston Carbide Tipped
Suitable for use with a table saw, chopsaw, miter saw and for some specialized beam cutting circular saws/skilsaws

This blade has a 1" arbor and comes with arbor shims to adapt
to a 5/8” arbor.  ATB (alternate top bevel) 
For cutting wood with embedded nails, for demolition work or dismantling pallets. 

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DESCRIPTION: 12"*60T*25.4*2.0 with washer15.88
: 1.8mm 50 steel with hardness of 42, surface flatness is within 5 wires.

TOOTH: 6.0*2.0*3.5mm
TOOTH WELDING: Copper with a brazing temperature of 450 centigrade.
TIP: tip size OKE 60*20*35mm, body thickness 2.0mm
Main components are tungsten and cobalt (International number is YG6)
Formula is 6% cobalt, 94% tungsten.  
The tooth hardness is 91. 
Design is a compromise to make it harder to break the tooth while staying
sharp for cutting pallet wood.


Put 3 to 4 arbor shims on a 5/8” arbor. 
Install the blade near the threads and push it back so that all the arbor shims are
against the backing.  Then lift the blade slightly and slide it over and onto the arbor
shims.  Make sure it does not fall between the arbor shims. 
Install the nut and tighten making sure blade is secure.

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