SA99 Amerway Tourmaline Lead Free Solder 1/8" solid wire for stained glass and jewerly

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Amerway TOURMALINE – Lead Free Solder is suitable for all stained glass applications especially those that will be touched or handled  This solder sets quick but not too fast, it has a great sheen/shine to it. Melts smoothly and makes a great bead.

Lead free solder contains 97% tin, with 3% copper, and is specifically created for the Glass Craft Industry. You will find this high sheen alloy to be shinier to the eye, delivering a noticeably brighter finish. The perfect solder for jewelry, kaleidoscopes, business card holders, or anything involving direct skin contact. Anyone concerned about lead content will find Amerway's Tourmaline to meet their environmental and aesthetic needs!  MADE IN THE USA.

Lead Free Solder = 97% Tin & 3% Copper
Wire Size: 1/8" (3mm) dia.
Melting Point: 445 °F
Spool: 1lb.
Quantity: 1 Spool