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ART216 goat hair paint brush 12pc set round style

goat hair paint brush 12 piece set. round style and plasic handle with sizes; 1-12.

This Goat Hair Paint Brush Set is made of high quality goat's hair for extra long lasting durability.  Designed to please both the professional artist and the amateur beginner, they just feel great in your hand.  These brushes are well balanced and comfortable to hold for extended periods and large pieces.  The bristle is made up of high quality goat hair that tapers down to a fine tip for extra detailed ultra precision painting.  This 12pc set includes everything you need for that painting expedition or commission for the Getty Museum.  At this value, serious artists and students will appreciate these brushes and use them for many years in some cases. Be sure and clean your brushes after each use to significantly increase the life of the brush. For added value, stock up and enjoy further savings in bulk. With the savings we offer, you don't have to sacrifice quality, you get that too!

1-goat hair paint brush 12 piece set. round style
1-goat hair paint brush 12 piece set. round style FREE SHIPPING
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10-goat hair paint brush set Qty=10