MJ3222CA HANDMADE 25MM Set of 10 Marbles, CLEAR w/Red & Yellow spots
1 Set of 10 25mm Handmade Marbles FREE SHIPPIN
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Marbles are great fun to just look at when they are sitting on your mantlepiece or table or also to use as a paperweight or on your desk for whatever reason. The main thing is they look amazing, beautiful and unique all at the same time. These marbles provide you the best quality experience being handmade along with economical. The marbles look amazing with an absolutely beautiful red and yellow spots design on them. These high-quality marbles will bring back your memories from childhood and help you in creating some new ones today. When the designs are unique, and the price is low there is no reason you shouldn’t buy these marbles.

Free Shipping to all U.S. Addresses available on selected marbles and nuggets.

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