Wholesale & Special Order

Wholesale "Z" Category & Special Order Requirements

To purchase products with the "Z" Category prices (Wholesale & Special Orders) please follow the following steps:

  • Place an order with a minimum of $1000.00, purchase case quantities only, you can mix products and orders have to be prepaid. All sales prices on "Z" category, wholesale & special orders, are estimates based upon the last cost price charged by the manufacturer. If the cost price remains unchanged then the sale price will be the same. However, if the manufacturer's price to McGills increases then the sale price will be at a new higher price.
  • Send payment for your order in the form of a Cashier Check, Money order or Online Bill Pay with the Order Number. OR Pay by A.C.H. or a wire transfer, a $15 extra fee must be paid for this service.

Your order will be placed and receive with our next container shipment, shipping time will vary with when the next container is to be received. This can vary anywhere from 3 months to 1 year or even longer.

You will be notified when we receive your product and you MUST arrange your own pick up, truck shipping (freight) and pay directly to carrier.