TT2 6" Utility Knife
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Snap-off utility knife that contains a long, segmented blade that slides out from it. As the endmost edge becomes dull, it can be broken off the remaining blade, exposing the next section, which is sharp and ready for use. The snapping is best accomplished with a blade snapper that is often built-in, or a pair of pliers, and the break occurs at the score lines, where the metal is thinnest. When all of the individual segments are used, the knife may be thrown away, or, more often, refilled with a replacement blade. From cutting carpet or cardboard to stenciling or opening packages, the snap blade utility knife is the ideal tool for a variety of applications around the home, shop, office or crafts table!

  • Automatic locking device; retractable safety blade.
  • Includes 24 snap-off blades - 3 sheets of 8.
  • Comfortable rubber grip handle
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