DB3757A 4" Saw Blade Circular Diamond (Turbo Sintered) Arbor=7/8"
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SKU: DB3757A

Circular Saw Blade Diamond General Purpose
Turbo Sintered for granite, marble, sandstone,
limestone, ceramic tiles, concrete, asphalt, refractory,
brick, slate, stucco, stone, masonry, pavers, etc.
4 Inch
Arbor 7/8" 
Suitable for tile saw, miter saw, table saw, skilsaw

Turbo blades typically have soft to medium bonds for
a variety of general purpose to specific cutting applications.
Turbo blades feature a continuous rim with an edge that
is serrated. This serrated edge is designed to the give
the blade faster cutting speeds while maintaining a
smooth cut, combining the best qualities from both
segmented and continuous rim blades. 


Especially suitable for cutting granite and general purpose.

Seg Thickness:1.8mm
Seg Height:8mm

Diamond Spec:
Size:40/45, 45/50
Strength: >25kg
Diamond Qty: 2.4ct
Content: 13.0%
Bonding Hardness: HRB85


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