DL16C 16" Saw Blade Circular Diamond Segmented Laser Welded for Concrete
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Circular Saw Blade Diamond
16 Inch Laser Welded Segmented for Concrete
Suitable for circular saw, skilsaw, table saw and tile saw.

Laser welded diamond blades are made by the most advanced
and highly automatic laser welding technology. Diamond segments
are firmly welded to the steel core with laser micro-fusion. Laser
welded diamond blades are the most powerful diamond blades
for they are Tough bonding, with excellent stability, fast cutting and
durable life. They perform remarkably well with dry cutting without
segment loss.These blades are top of the line for dry cutting, no
brazing is used. Segments are fused directly to the steel blank using
a high energy laser beam.

Suitable for cutting concrete, reinforced concrete,
cured concrete and other hard and non-abrasive materials.

OD: 16"
Arbor: 1"
Seg. Thickness: 3.6mm
Seg. Height: 10mm
Size: 30/40, 40/50

Strength: >35kg
Qty: 45ct
Content: 25%
Bonding Hardness: HRB96
Application: Concrete

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