DB3743HP 10" Saw Blade Circular Diamond Continuous Rim for Tile
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SKU: db3743hp

Circular Saw Blade Diamond for Tile & Marble
10 Inch
Suitable for tile saw, circular saw, skilsaw

This continuous rim diamond saw blade is mainly used in wet cutting
tile operations. A continuous rim blade has a totally plain continuous
diamond cutting outer edge. The outer edge of this blade is sintered
to the steel blank.Continuous Rim Diamond Blade is designed for
fast consistent cutting of ceramic tile, porcelain tile, and marble.  

  • Steel blade with a diamond edge
  • Cuts fast and smooth
  • Ideal for cutting tile, marble and granite 

Seg. Thickness: 2.8mm

Strength: >30kg
Qty: 12.0ct
Content: 15.0%
Bonding Hardness: HRB85



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