PFL2 White Polyester Twine 3ply 1460m or 4790ft, 8.60lb tested
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Polyester White twine is a smooth, bonded polyester outdoor thread that is perfect for sail and canvas work. Bonded Dabond polyester thread has high strength and stretch control, stability in sunlight, and resistance to needle heat, abrasion, salt-water and mildew. This polyester thread very seldom frays at the needle eye, and the consistent bonded finish minimizes the need for continual machine tension adjustments.

3-ply White polyester twine is a polyester twine with a round construction used for hand sewing. We recommend a 15-ply twine doubled through the eye of a #18 hand-sewing needle for hand sewing a seam.


size: 210d/3, weight 100g, length 1460m or 4790ft, diameter 0.34mm or 0.013in, tenacity 3.9kg or 8.60lb test apprx.

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