NFL3 white nylon twine -size 210d/4, weight 100g, length 1095m or 3592ft -SOLD OUT!
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Nylon Twine is both strong and durable, constructed from high quality synthetic polymer ensuring that the nylon twine is highly resilient and will out perform its natural fibre counterparts when used in environments that expose the twine to chemicals, moisture and abrasion. White nylon twine filament into a strong, rot and abrasion resistant twine that ties easily and holds knots securely-- Elasticity absorbs sudden shock loads that would break ropes of other fibers-- Not damaged by petroleum products, mildew, marine growth or chemicals-- Stored wet without damage.


Size 210d/4, weight 100g, length 1095m or 3592ft, diameter 0.41mm or 0.016in, tenacity 4.7kg or 10.36lb test apprx.

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