M67 Glass Gems mixed colors & shapes, shiny. comes with moons, stars & squares 16MM thick -SOLD OUT!
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By far probably the most unique blend of marbles and gems on the market today. If you are looking for something different then look no further than these products right here. These stones are colored differently being a combination of blue, brown, white, green etc and also coming in a variety of different shapes at the same times which include moons, stars and squares. The high quality make as well as the economical nature of the stones has made them especially demanded in the market today.

Glass Marbles and Nuggets --- Free Shipping to all U.S. Addresses

Marbles or nuggets $2.49 per pound, minimum 6 bags, any size & color
or --- $1.50 per pound, minimum 30 pounds, same size & color only
or --- handmade at $1.80 per group, minimum 6 groups, any size & color

McGills the warehouse with the reputation for low prices on quality product
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