M304 HANDMADE 16MM Set of 10 5/8" Blue w/white stripes Marbles
Qty=1 set of 10 Blue w/White Stripes 5/8" Handmade Marbles.
SKU: M304
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These brightly blue colored marbles are 16mm in size and have a unique pattern of blue and white swirls. The handmade glass is of high quality so you can easily use them in whichever way you choose to without having to worry about them breaking. Other gems are also available for your use at McGills warehouse. If you purchase these pretty marbles in bulk you can avail free shipping. They have economical prices and look very charming so if you even use them just for decorative purposes they would look great. People who live in the United States can also get free shipping on their purchases.  

Glass Marbles and Nuggets --- Free Shipping to all U.S. Addresses

McGills the warehouse with the reputation for low prices on quality product
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