HC2615L & M Trap Assembly Instructions

HCZ615M & L Trap assembly and setting.

1.  Remove from box.

2.  Cut ties that hold it from unfolding.

3.  Unfold until in the shape of a long box with the protected handle on top.

4.  Lower back of trap and snap the bottom into the 2 locking catches.

5.  Swing the 2 U shaped holders down the sides and lock them into the snaps.

6.  Go to the spring loaded closing end and face it. Press the spring loaded locking bar against the door and move the door up against the top of the cage. On the right top corner there is a catch. Swing that catch so that it holds the door up.  (We recommend that you rub a little candle wax on the catch so that it moves and releases easily and smoothly)

7.  The trigger rod has one end that turns and comes back and the other that is bent 90 degrees then goes down and back up. Facing the trap opening put the end that turns 90 degrees into the trap and place the end of the rod under the hole on the right side of the drop plate bringing it up through the hole and as it is coming up through the hole rotate the rod in a clock wise manner until is will not rotate further then pull on the rod so that the plate comes up.  Then hook the other end into the mechanism that holds the trap door open so that when the plate is stepped on it will pull and release the door to close. 

8.  Take the trigger attaching catch that is holding the door from closing and move it to the very edge so that a slight pressure on the drop plat will release the door. 

9.  Put the favorite food of the animal you are trapping between the end of the trap and the drop plate in a manner that it cannot be reached from the outside.  Spread small amounts of the food outside the trap a little at the entrance and some on the way in with the bulk of the food beyond the drop plate. When the animal goes in and steps on the plate the door will close and the animal is trapped.

With the longer double door type trap it may not even be necessary to use bate.  Just placing in or on the path used by the animal will catch them or if it is placed so that to get to or into an area it will work. 

10.  To disassemble merely reverse the process.  Happy trapping.  McGills