DB3772B 12IN TURBO Segmented Saw Blade
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Turbo blades typically have soft to medium bonds for a variety of general purpose to specific cutting applications. Turbo blades feature a continuous rim with an edge that is serrated. This serrated edge is designed to the give the blade faster cutting speeds while maintaining asmooth cut, combining the best qualities from both segmented and continuous rim blades. 

The TurboSegmented design saw blade is manufactured using the same process as the continuous rim; however, the diamond cutting outer edge carries a unique spiral staggered design.If a turbo blade is manufactured technically to suit specific applications, it can give a smoother, cleaner, and faster cut compared to a non-turbo blade


It’s suitable for cutting concrete, brick, block, masonry and like materials 


DIAMOND PARAMETERS: Size:45/50, 50/60 Strength: >25kg Qty: 18.0ct Content: 20.0% Bonding Hardness: HRB70


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