BD6RM3 6mm METALLIC GOLD round plastic beads
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Short Description:
6mm METALLIC GOLD colored round plastic beads. 2 cups , approximately 2360 beads. These are loose beads, not on a string.
Detail Description:

Presenting our elegant, impressively crafted, smooth, metallic gold plastic beads. They are sold in bags, each having 2 cups (which contain roughly 2360 beads) in loose form, each sporting a rough diameter of 6mm to guarantee they’re ideal for any DIY projects, aspiring jewelry fans and for ornamental work. These metallic gold and opaque beads are guaranteed to highlight and benefit virtually anything you care to craft from them, because they are so multipurpose and practical. These plastic beads are made of only the most exquisite quality possible and are lightweight, to ensure an economical yet premium solution to any of your artistic requirements, especially since they are sold in bulk quantities.

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