BD6FR10B 6mm RAINBOW DARK PURPLE faceted shaped plastic beads

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6mm RAINBOW DARK PURPLE colored faceted shaped plastic beads. 1 cup , approximately 1180 beads. These are loose beads, not on a string.

Golden metallic beads available in faceted shapes of 6mm diameter for multipurpose designs and crafts. A good choice for arts and crafts. These gilded plastic beads are best used in giving a fresh shine to your old items as the metallic sheen makes old objects look good as new; but these beads are good for economical DIY work as well. Buy in bulk in one cup of around 1180 beads. Give your handmade jewelry, embroidery or handbags a golden sparkle with these beads. Made of plastic, the beads are usable with glue and most adhesives, especially as they are sold loose without strings for easy utilization.