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BD403 Crystal 4MM Bead - YELLOW

Crystal 4MM Bead - YELLOW

These are high quality crystal beads with 4mm diameter. The round faceted shaped yellow colored beads are light weight and thus excellent for handicraft, handmade jewelry, designing, beady necklaces, decorative and apparel. They are highly economical and hence ideal for projects that require bulks of beads. Beads are available in loose form which makes them useful for beautiful beading projects for craft enthusiastic individuals and jewelry artists. Available in the form of long string with approximately 150 beads per string, these crystal beads are cost effective and promise a high end product.

10 - String 4mm -YELLOW
SKU: BD403
10 - String 4mm -YELLOW x
SKU: BD403
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100 - String 4mm -YELLOW
SKU: BD403
100 - String 4mm -YELLOW x
SKU: BD403
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