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C20 15x5 Cluster 6pcs

15 x 5 Cluster

These elegant bevels are made up of crystal clear glass shaped into a mosaic design. You can arrange the mosaic in more than one way to get an artistic piece of glass on your window or door. These glass supplies can be used for craft projects and quality is never compromised. With free shipping over bulk buying, we offer the best deals for beveled glass supplies. Our prices are extremely economical with a promise of highest quality material and best value for your money.

6 pieces to assemble, this is not a finished piece.  Use it in a panel or alone.


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1-15 x 5 Cluster
SKU: C20
1-15 x 5 Cluster x
SKU: C20
10-15 x 5 Cluster
SKU: C20
40-15 x 5 Cluster
SKU: C20